Our Mission

Our aim is to create purpose, hope and relationships using football to support people on their journey to security and happiness.

Poverty leads to a lack of Hope and a lack of Opportunity, Our Mission is to provide Opportunity and build Hope.

Speaking from personal experience, CEO & Founder David Duke states "The effects of poverty are brutal & devastate communities. Living in this environment means people are faced with a lack of opportunity, which leads to a lack of hope. I have experienced this & can only describe it as being locked in a cold & dark room with no doors. Waking up everyday with a feeling of hopelessness can lead to poor mental health, addiction, crime & in some cases death. That is why we are totally inclusive, respectful and understanding while offering opportunity to anyone who needs it. We do not impose a time limit or any other expectations, only reassurance that we are here to inspire people to be all they can be."