“The greatest honour” | Gary’s story

Gary found a safe space at Street Soccer sessions during a turbulent time of his life and was later given the chance to captain Team Scotland at a Homeless World Cup. He’s now keen to support the squad travelling to Sacramento by reflecting on his own experience. Selected to represent the national team at the […]

“I want to find ways to help others.” | Alan’s story

By becoming the youngest member of staff at the Change Centre in Dundee, Alan Gilmartin believes the experiences he has had since then has allowed him to become a more confident and stronger person. Alan joined the team in Dundee late in 2022 as an operational support assistant and feels his progression has been massive. […]

Using football for change | Colleen’s story

Colleen first visited a Street Soccer session five years ago. After experiencing a turbulent lifestyle during her school years, she has turned her life around using football as the foundation for change. “A circle addiction. That’s the best way I can describe it. Everyone l knew was either an addict or a child of one. […]

Lennon’s story

“I actually thought it was only a summer-camp type thing, so when I stopped coming after summer, my friends were questioning me, so I got back at my earlier convenience and haven’t looked back since.” Lennon is a player in Glasgow with Street Soccer, first engaging in 2021 after lockdown restrictions were initially lifted. Having […]

Jordan’s Journey

Jordan has been a player with Street Soccer since the age of 14 and is now leading sessions in Edinburgh. His path from youth player to adult coach is inspirational for many players in the capital city and he believes that his route through Street Soccer programmes has shaped him as a person. “When I […]

Inna’s Journey

Inna travelled to Scotland with her son earlier this year, following the invasion of her native Ukraine by Russian forces. Despite never being involved in football prior to moving to Scotland, she’s found hope through being part of a “family-like” community at sessions in Glasgow. “I’ve been in Scotland for four months. It was firstly […]

“I couldn’t asked for a better experience.” | Izzy’s story

“I’m a lot older than most here but I love being the mum figure” Visitors to Street Soccer’s Change Centre in Dundee will have came across Izzy at some point on their travels. Described by staff as a ‘diamond’, the volunteer has certainly experienced some rough times. “It’s just fantastic that I’m here. One year […]

“I want to help more people through my own experience” | Graham’s story

Having been a Street Soccer player for 18 months, Glasgow regular Graham is keen to use his experience to help others. Graham was introduced to Street Soccer sessions through Phoenix Futures, whilst in recovery, and has highlighted that setting goals for himself has helped his positive change journey so far. “Football is my life and […]

“My team-mates are an inspiration” | Brian’s story, Motherwell

Street Soccer’s session in Motherwell has been up and running since January with new members of the team arriving every other week. Most of the players have only known one another for the best part of four months, however you would not think that after watching their weekly session at Fir Park. One of the […]