Tasha’s story | International Women’s Day

Tasha has been playing with Street Soccer as part of our Street45 programme for five years and says it is the best thing she’s ever done. After being released from prison in 2017, Tasha went to a service called Link Up and started to attend drop-in sessions with both males and females, who were also […]

“I want to help out, the way I’ve been helped” | Raymond Sharp, Aberdeen

Street Soccer’s player pathway is in motion in Aberdeen, with newly appointed sessional worker Raymond Sharp reflecting on his progress from player to staff member. Raymond, who has been with Street Soccer since 2019, has recently secured a role as a sessional worker at our sessions in the north east after showing leadership qualities in […]

Tyler’s Story

Tyler is one of Street Soccer Scotland’s youngest females who takes part in Street 45 drop in sessions, aged just 18.

Prussia’s Story

Homelessness can happen at any time as Prussia knows only too well. During her time at the University of Perth she says in her own words that she started to “party too hard and then went off the rails”.

Anthony’s Story

One night my dad sat me down to have an intervention but even then I was still lying to his face until eventually I couldn’t take any more and I broke down, admitting everything.

Steven’s Story

One of his friends inspired him to get clean. With the support of his key worker, Steven started off attending Street Soccer drop in sessions.