Change is almost here

Street Soccer’s exciting new project at Change Centre Dundee is near its completion, with sessional staff and partners primed to make a positive change in the local community.

Various training workshops and partner sessions have allowed the growing team in Dundee to comb over the final details, with the renovation nearing its conclusion. The Lynch Sports Centre will become Change Centre Dundee, placed in the heart of the community on South Road. Digital enhancements introduced to the facility will allow Street Soccer to invest more time and resource in interacting with players and guests, ensuring that all visitors experience our warm welcome.

Street Soccer Scotland is proud to operate a fully inclusive policy. This means that we won’t turn anyone away who wishes join our programmes. The age range and diversity of our players is wide, and that’s what makes it special.  All of the programmes delivered by Street Soccer are delivered at third party venues, and we wanted to create a full-time home for our players and our partners. Change Centre allows us to do that, working closely with our partners to create a new model serving both sports and educational needs in the community. Our continuing list to partners have been identified to ensure we are working with our target groups, such as mental health, addiction, homelessness, long term unemployment and criminal justice.

Within the Change Centre, Street Soccer Scotland and a range of partner organisations will offer a variety of opportunities and support packages for people to create long lasting change and increase confidence and well-being. From regular free football and sport sessions, workshops and learning experiences to support/advice sessions or even a friendly face and ‘cuppa tea’ when someone needs it.

We are excited to offer a number of personal meeting spaces, complimented with a reception area and educational zones, which allow Street Soccer staff and players to engage with one another as well as any resources they may need.

Our indoor artificial pitch is equipped with PlayCam match cameras and an additional ‘celebration camera’ which is sure to be popular with players from within and out with Street Soccer. These clips can be easily shared on social media, creating an engaging experience from start to finish.

This is an exciting development for the city as a whole and for Street Soccer as we achieve an important landmark on our journey which started in 2009.

We hope to open to the public for pitch bookings and community spaces in the near future, with an exciting launch on the horizon. All bookings going forward will be available to complete online. To register your interest in the meantime, please let us know.

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