Earth Room Therapies arrive at Change Centre

Change Centre Dundee are adding to their growing list of services, by welcoming Earth Room Therapies to the centre.

Earth Room Therapies will be offering a number of treatments such as reflexology, full body aromatherapy, body massages and much more. With all treatments, aftercare and ongoing support will also be available.

This service will be available for public booking as well as dedicated support for players within the Street Soccer programmes.

Kirsty of Earth Room Therapies, highlighted how she felt instantly connected to the work that is ongoing at the Change Centre and is excited by the opportunity as the facilities newest partner.

“I knew instantly I wanted to be part of what was happening, I’ve always believed strongly that once you heal you reach back and help those starting their healing journey. It was so inspiring to me as Change Centre Dundee has a culture of lived experience, I myself have struggled with trauma, mental illness and was finally diagnosed with CPTSD just over 10 years ago, this is a continuous push to progress through, however I truly feel I’ve found where I’m meant to be and look forward to extending the patience, respect and encouragement to others that the team have continuously shown to me.

Kirsty underlines that this year is the biggest yet for her business, with the move from home and mobile services to expanding with a space at Change Centre Dundee. Plans are in place to allow support for all of the community.

“Change Centre Dundee has some fantastic community focused plans of their own that I’m excited to watch grow. I will be providing a variety of Complementary Therapies in a safe space with 1:1 consultations, we can identify your comfort levels and work together to meet the outcome you are hoping to achieve, there will be a drop in option when I am there if it all just feels overwhelming and you need to do a little guided meditation.”

The new Earth Room Therapies room at Change Centre Dundee.

Scott Hollinshead, Business Development Manager for Change Centre, illustrated the significance of the new partnership and why players and staff are excited to get to work with Kirsty and Earth Room Therapies.

“We are delighted to have Kirsty and Earth Room Therapies providing an holistic service at Change Centre Dundee. After speaking to Kirsty, we knew that Earth Room Therapies will provide another opportunity for the community to access whilst being a powerful tool for healing and growth, a key attribute for change. We look forward to working with Kirsty and enabling another positive experience for any of our Street Soccer players and the local community…”

You can get in touch with Kirsty to find out more about Earth Room Therapies on [email protected].

If you want to learn more about our range of services at Change Centre Dundee, click here or get in touch with Scott Hollinshead on [email protected]

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