Former captain urging on Team Scotland after positive change journey

Former Team Scotland captain, Andy Fyffe, is going from strength to strength as part of programmes at Change Centre Dundee and is keeping a keen eye on all the action in Sacramento.

Andy led the men’s team at the Street Soccer Nations Cup, which was held in Dundee last September. After a turbulent time during 2022, the Dundonian is now looking ahead to a brighter future, with Team Scotland memories spurring him on.

“I used my experience as something to focus on. It allowed me to create a positive routine and helped me build trust with myself as well as team mates and staff to bounce off of. Many have had similar experiences and this sort of guidance helps build perspective. Staff at the Change Centre and my team mates still motivate me to this day, to strive for better.”

Andy described representing Team Scotland as a ‘pinch yourself’ moment and he underlines the pride he felt, leading out the team with his son for the opening fixture.

“I was so honoured. I think if I had any advice for the current squad it would be to cherish these moments. Take your time, really enjoy the moments, experience and people you are with. It’s not just a ‘football tournament’. Embrace the concept of positive change and let it change you for the better.”

With the current Team Scotland squad nearing the end of their first set of group fixtures, Andy knows the impact that these sort of events can have. The former skipper is one of many players who have had life-changing experiences at the Change Centre.

“I was living in a hostel, I didn’t think I had much purpose in life. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and I think coming to Street Soccer and reigniting my love for football was crucial.

By engaging with Street Soccer, I’ve gained a better life all together; more enjoyable, happier, motivated, encouraging, structured. My mindset has vastly improved and I’m now set on helping others achieve a better lifestyle.”

Andy’s inspiring positive change journey has allowed him to reconnect with family and has seen improvements to his physical and mental health and wellbeing, which has lifted both him and his team-mates around the facility.

He has also recently completed a college course and is back in employment, with ambitions to keep moving forward as the year progresses. Andy highlights how football has allowed him to find a lifestyle that is working positively for him.

“Football factor was the carrot. Like-minded people with similar life experience have allowed me to open up and find motivation. The whole ethos and informal environment created here is brilliant. There is so much access to further support, which I could never have envisaged.   

People really need to come in the door and see what is going on here at Change Centre. It really is more than football. I always feel so relaxed and everyone is doing their bit to support one another.”

Andy is one of many players who has used football to change his life. You can be part of that football family too. Find out more about the Change Centre and its programmes, here.

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