New roles in network programme

Street Soccer’s network programme continues to grow, with two new members of staff joining to support the expansion of free football programmes in to new areas.

We are delighted to welcome two new full-time members of staff in Andy King and Andrew Wallace, as well as announcing a new job role for Stuart Lovell.

Stuart will be moving into a more senior role as National Network Manager, overseeing the growth of the programme across Scotland and managing programme coordinators.

Two of those network coordinators are Andy and Andrew, who will be supporting sessions in Fife and Ayrshire, respectively.

Speaking about his new role, Stuart highlighted the impact that the Hunter Foundation have had on the growth of the network programme.

“We’re extremely grateful for a significant investment from the Hunter Foundation, which have allowed us to scale up the network programme, which has had continued success since its first session in May 2021.”

“We are always looking to make an impact in a new area and this support has allowed us to look further afield, as well as creating two new roles where we have introduced two really strong individuals. We are really excited about starting more sessions in Fife and Ayrshire.”

Stuart underlines that despite his change in role, he won’t be moving away from the pitch completely, but has great trust in all the support staff who have been part of the growth of the network programme, so far.

“I have had a hands on approach at a lot of the sessions, if not all, but I have always had it in mind that Street Soccer allows us to mentor coaches and build them up. So, I will be taking a small step back but we are well covered with fantastic sessional coaches and volunteers who really buy in to what we do.”

Andrew Wallace is our new recruit in Ayrshire and is fresh to Street Soccer, with an appetite to bring new sessions to a region which is absolutely fanatical about football. Moving from a previous role with a local council, he is keen to introduce the free football programmes to partner organisations in all areas of Ayrshire and believes it can have an immediate impact.

“Football has always been an escape for me. I have always enjoyed helping others and when the chance to combine these passions came along, I thought it was a great fit.”

“As soon as I applied, I started to see Street Soccer Scotland everywhere, our CEO David Duke was even on the pitch at half-time at Hampden only a few days later! I’m really excited to get going.”

Andrew Wallace who has started his new role in Ayrshire.

Andrew noted that with plans to tie in with partners in North, South and East Ayrshire, he hopes that football can be the hook to create positive change for many.  

“Football is deep-rooted in to Ayrshire. Whether that be junior clubs, grassroots or professional. There’s always been a real community around it and I think with the concept of Street Soccer’s programmes and being able to support the local communities, it’ll be one-of-a-kind for the area.”

Andy King is more familiar with Street Soccer sessions having been a player and volunteer as part of our weekly session in Glenrothes. He explains how he got to know about the network programme and where he is planning to make an impact.

“I am already linked in with a lot of services in Fife, having worked with Phoenix Futures, and I’m really looking to build on that. I heard about Street Soccer starting an SCQF course and at the same time I was looking to start a recovery football team, the two things fit together quite well and all parties benefitted from it.”

“Since then, we’ve progressed to a weekly session every Wednesday and its been fantastic. Everyone is really supportive of one another and its helped me personally as well as seeing these guys I was previously supporting.”

Andy King will be working in Fife as Network Coordinator

Andy touches on the need for the programmes in the area and some of the plans he is looking to get stuck into.

“I have always seen Street Soccer as the bridge that brings together support services and sport. I am really keen to continue to support the local community and with the experiences I have, I know the power that football can have in changing lives.”

“There is a great need for this level of support in Fife. The drug deaths alone in the region are astonishing and the areas we are looking to reach into, such as Levenmouth, Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline, they don’t have a lot of established support systems, so I think Street Soccer will be a great help.”

Everyone at Street Soccer is excited by the changes to the network programme and welcome our new staff with open arms. If you want to find out more about the programme, click here.

You can contact all three individuals to learn more about work in your area, with contact information below.

Stuart Lovell – National Network Manager – [email protected]

Andy King – Network Coordinator in Fife – [email protected]

Andrew Wallace – Network Coordinator in Ayrshire – [email protected]

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