Street Soccer Scotland has been supporting thousands of players since 2009, here's some of the different ways we've done it.

With 1 in 4 Scots experiencing mental health issues in their lifetime, there has never been a greater need for action.

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Street Soccer players has never been more important. Throughout recent years, we have taken steps to ensure that those who need support can access it as soon as they can. We believe that by engaging in sport and exercise, our players can create positive habits through our weekly football sessions.

Mental health is a core focus through all of our programmes. By supporting a number of different groups at risk of social exclusion, such as those experiencing homelessness, those with additional needs and those with refugee status, Street Soccer wants to be part of the solution in creating a more inclusive society. 

With dedicated mental health and wellbeing sessions across Scotland, we provide a safe space to socialise for players as well as offering an accessible environment for one-to-one counselling.

Scotland is witnessing its highest increase in suicide rates since 2007 and over a quarter of Street Soccer players are experiencing mental health issues, which have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that our response needs to be swift and thorough.

of players think their life has improved due to joining Street Soccer
0 %
of players improved on their ability to trust
0 %
of players improved their communication skills
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Having something to look forward to each week is crucial. Every individual needs a certain level of structure and routine, and with that comes discipline. 

By providing players with a free game of football every week, we can aid them on their journey to finding more structure within their personal lives. These positive changes can often lead to eradicating bad habits and influencing more positive choices.

79% decrease in players often feeling issues in their personal life are out of their control.

Family relationships of players have improved by 45%

87% of players previously involved in prison or probation, no longer involved in the criminal justice system


Everyone deserves an equal chance at life, and although we realise this is not always possible, we believe in providing the necessary tools to give Street Soccer players the best chance at making positive choices. 

Our prisons programme is in place to prevent re-offending, support mental health and reduce risk of homelessness.

Newly released prisoners are eight times more likely to take their own life. With 60% of participants in the Street Soccer programme are still engaged in our community drop-in sessions, we believe we can help build a brighter future.

The initial steps during our programme are often the foundations for positive change with ongoing support accessible for all players in the prisons programme, during and after liberation. For many players, this is just the beginning of their Street Soccer journey.

Football is loved universally and for many years has proved successful in breaking down barriers between players of all ages, genders and backgrounds. By offering a structured session of football across a 12-week programme, Street Soccer engages isolated individuals with learning opportunities.

Average annual saving to public purse: £350,000


Recently, Street Soccer’s work with refugees and asylum seekers has expanded and we continue to offer as much support as possible to new-Scots arriving around the country.

Providing opportunity is crucial to many arriving in to a new country and our sessions offer the chance for players to build confidence, communication skills and is often a catalyst for integrating in to a new community.  


Many of our programmes include an SCQF qualification, which  has been a successful way to combine education and sport.

All players have access to these opportunities, which aim to develop key social and employability skills. For many players, this is their only positive experience with education and has enabled them to reach positive destinations in employment and volunteering. These opportunities are available to player of all ages, regardless of where they are on their journey.

In addition to this, we run specific programmes in a number of schools across Scotland supporting young people at risk of exclusion and isolation. We work closely with partner schools to develop programmes to meet the needs of their pupils and also deliver our SCQF level 4 qualifications, with the aim of building  confidence and self-esteem through football. 

“Before they got involved with Street Soccer there was no way any of the pupils involved would have had the confidence to speak to a different year group, never mind organising an event for them. From then on, each pupil continued to attend and achieve which led to the all achieving their National 3 / 4 Awards"

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