Prussia’s Story

Homelessness can happen at any time as Prussia knows only too well. During her time at the University of Perth she says in her own words that she started to "party too hard and then went off the rails".

Dropping out of 4th year but still graduating university, Prussia calls this period in her life a “lull”. She gave up her flat and moved home to Dumfries, but still things weren’t right, relationships with family became strained and so she left home, ending up sofa surfing and leaning on friends.

Eventually after months of insecurity, she found herself a flat in Glasgow and to help with her dependency on alcohol, she tried therapy. But it wasn’t for her, recalling how she felt therapy was “just telling the therapist what they wanted to hear.”

Prussia then turned to Alcohol Anonymous meetings, where she found a safe and honest space, where she felt people couldn’t hide, and she could just openly talk about her struggles.

When discussing the Homeless World Cup she couldn’t really believe it was all happening, and happening to her. “It’s been an amazing journey since May when I first popped into Street Soccer in Townhead. It has given me a focus and something to look forward too.

I am really into fitness, so being active is something that I feel improves my mental health. The other day when I saw everyone in their training gear, it really hit me that we were going to Oslo to represent Scotland.

“At Street Soccer Scotland, I’m surrounded by positive people all the time. The staff and coaches at the drop in sessions are always available to help and there’s a lot of positive thinking in the air all the time and generally it’s just a nice place to be.”

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