In September 2022, we will be bringing our very own international small-sided football tournament to the city of Dundee.


With eight participating nations coming together, the Street Soccer Nations Cup will offer a life-changing experience for players who are suffering from social isolation.

An occasion to connect, an opportunity to play, a chance to celebrate. Street Soccer Scotland are bringing eight nations together to host the first Street Soccer Nations Cup, this September in Dundee.

This event will provide an opportunity for players from Street Football projects across the globe to represent their country in our inaugural small-sided tournament. For many, these experiences can be life-changing, highlighting the power that sport has to influence positive change. We believe that by holding this event in Scotland, we can highlight the impact that football programmes, such as ours, can have in the community.

The societal issues that Dundee has faced in recent years have been well documented, and we believe the nations cup and its programme of events can highlight some of the positive action being taken by partners across Dundee, underlining how the power of community (and football) can be part of the solution in creating change.

The problems that our players face are shared by many across the world and we believe that by coming together and sharing these experiences, we can offer hope, happiness and self-belief.

All eyes are now on September and we can’t wait to welcome our guests from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Ivory Coast and an Afghanistan select.

the venue

With the support of Dundee City Council and The Scottish Government, we will be hosting this tournament at Caird Hall, City Square. This venue will allow us to engage with people right in the centre of the city, with two grand-stands, entertainment, food stalls and more available for players and spectators. 

the format

There will be 16 competing teams, eight male and eight female. The format will follow traditional Homeless World Cup play, with four a side games played across 14 minutes. 

There will be a group stage and two separate knockout rounds for all teams. 

the goal

Our aim is to bring our players closer together. Social issues are not unique to each nation and many of the barriers that our players may face will be shared by others across the globe. By shining a light on positive change and the journey of our players, we hope to inspire one another and help with accessing the support they may need.


The tournament will run from Friday September 9th to Sunday September 11th.

Throughout this time, we will be using Change Centre Dundee as a player village with accessible support, catering and entertainment available for participating nations.


We are delighted to be supported by a number of terrific partners for this event. With the backing of Dundee City Council and the Scottish Government, Street Soccer are in a great place to deliver a life-changing experience for players. We look forward to supporting all of our players and guests with a totally inclusive and welcoming environment across the weekend.



Anyone can come along – and it’s free. We will have plenty space for spectators across the weekend.

So if you’re a friend, a family member or just passing by. Come and say hello and learn more about what we do.


Street Soccer are always keen to grow our team. If you are interested in volunteering at this event and supporting players on their positive change journey, fill out our enquiry form below.


If you are a local business or organisation that is looking to support this event, or is keen to find out more about our work in the local community – we’d love to hear from you.

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