Street Soccer arrives in South Lanarkshire

Eighteen months in to launching our network programme, Street Soccer have added it’s latest permanent session in South Lanarkshire as free weekly drop-ins begin at Hamilton Palace Sports Ground.

In partnership with The Beacons, Network programme manager Stuart Lovell and his team will be delivering free football sessions every single Wednesday from 1-2:30pm.

The Beacons are a recovery community, with four hubs based in South Lanarkshire. The Beacons use lived experience and the power of community to support those in recovery and help them overcome their issues with substance abuse.

Mark Healy, of the Beacons, highlighted his enthusiasm around the partnership and how it may benefit the people of South Lanarkshire, “The Street Soccer sessions in Hamilton have been a welcome addition to The Beacons here within the South Lanarkshire area. Our volunteers and community members have found it to be a great physical outlet and are excited to be part of the programme. In a short space of time, we’ve seen a number of benefits for our participants; improved physical and mental health, positive connections and team bonding. Combined with regular recovery that is available at The Beacons, we are excited to see what personal development benefits Street Soccer Scotland will have for our community long term.”

Network programme manager Stuart Lovell is also excited about the partnership moving forward, highlighting the work gone in to getting the Hamilton session off the ground.

“My coaches and I have spent a considerable amount of time sourcing the right venue and our thanks go to Andy House at South Lanarkshire Leisure for helping us bed in the new Street Soccer session at Hamilton Palace Sports Ground. Our partnership with The Beacons continues to grow and we look forward to more sessions being added to our Network Programme in the coming months.”

Both Street Soccer Scotland and The Beacons hope to support as many players as possible in the local community, using a shared purpose to unite participants, increase confidence and social skills and help build structure and routine in their lives.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the programme, get in touch with Stuart Lovell on 07534297447 or [email protected].

No previous experience of football is required and neither is a pre-registration – it really is as easy as turning up and getting ready to play!

Find out more about our expanding network programme, here.

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