Street Soccer launch Volunteer Programme

Street Soccer Scotland are today launching an official volunteers programme, with John Lewis Foundation.

We currently have over 150 volunteers across Scotland, who have contributed around 15,000 hours to date. Our volunteer army are crucial to everything we do and are important figures both on and off the pitch.

Our hopes for every player that engages with us is that they can develop core skills which enable them to find a positive destination, and more often than not, volunteering roles are part of that pathway.

Several of our full time and sessional staff have been volunteers with us in the past and we are incredibly proud to have empowered them on their journey.

We are delighted John Lewis Foundation have chosen to fund this programme in 2022, which we are sure will make a big difference to the experiences we are able to offer.

We are launching the programme with our first volunteer event in Dundee today. This will allow us to deliver more information about the structure of the programme and its work. We will then bring all volunteers together for an event in 2022, to celebrate their work with Street Soccer and offer a chance to network with one another going forward.

Volunteers will now have a very clear pathway on their journey with Street Soccer, with the opportunity to progress through the stages, which will also provide the chance to earn SCQF qualifications.

These stages will be measured by hours of work, but also through an understanding of some of our core values and themes, which will underpin the programme.

If you want to learn more about the programme or would like more information on voluntary roles with Street Soccer, please contact Andy Hook at [email protected]

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