Street Soccer sessions at Christmas

Christmas is always an important time for Street Soccer. We know that the structure and routine that sessions bring are significant for our players during a time where connection is so important. Our Street Soccer family are present all over Scotland and here’s where we’ll be supporting them over the next fortnight.

Please bear in mind with the current COVID situation, some sessions will be subject to change. Please contact the regional manager in your area for more information on each session.


Weekly sessions at Powerleague Portobello and Sighthill will continue as usual this week, with an additional Christmas Day session running in Leith Links. This is our 11th consecutive year hosting a Christmas Day Football Party and it is open for anyone who wants to join. It starts at 10:30am and you can contact Robbie Wood on 07480979919 for more information.

Sessions between Christmas and New Year have been reduced to one weekly drop in session at Powerleague Portobello on Wednesday 29th December and will return to the usual timetable from Tuesday 4th January.


Sessions at Powerleague Glasgow have been reduced to one per day this week to limit indoor contact, with programmes returning on Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th December. With the facilities closed on Monday 3rd January, business will return to usual on Tuesday 4th January.


The Dundee team will be hosting their last drop in of the year at the Change Centre today, followed by a team meeting with all volunteers tomorrow. Our volunteers have been absolutely crucial to the transformation of the centre this year and we look forward to discussing where our next steps are in 2022. Evening bookings for the Change Centre will remain open from 27th to the 30th then restart on the 3rd, with Street Soccer sessions picking back up on January 10th.


Peter will be running all sessions up until Thursday 23rd, where the players will enjoy a Christmas Party. This will be worked across consecutive two hour sessions, one for adults and one for kids. Sessions will continue for the 28th and 30th as per usual and then return after a break, on the 6th January.

Network programme

Stuart will be continuing the sessions in Livingston, with the 23rd and 30th closing off the networks programme first year in play. Stirling sessions at the Raploch Community Campus have finished for the year and will restart again once facilities reopen in the New Year.

Street Soccer would like to thank all of our players, volunteers and staff for their commitment in what has been a challenging year. We hope all players enjoy their Christmas gifts and stay safe over the Christmas period.

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