Team Scotland complete Homeless World Cup experience

An incredible and life-changing week for Team Scotland its players.

The 2023 Homeless World Cup has now come to an end and our lads have done us extremely proud. Travelling to California, our group arrived with hope, ambition and honour. They now depart with multiple new friendships, self-belief and memories to last a lifetime.

The Homeless World Cup exists to provide a life-changing experience for all players. It allows all participants to celebrate their similarities and differences, whilst allowing opponents to learn more about the diverse cultures across all seven continents. The tournament challenges the stigma around homelessness and underlines how football can be part of the solution in creating positive change worldwide – because on the pitch, you’re never alone.

Team Scotland for this summer’s event in Sacramento was made of seven brilliant representatives for Street Soccer Scotland, who played the game with the right spirit and positive attitude. Without Scotland, there is no party (or sunburn).

We hope that this experience allows all of our players, and staff, to move forward with positive change in their lives. Family and friends are immensely proud of their efforts and so are all of the Street Soccer family, as we continue as one team, the #SameTeam.

A big Street Soccer thank you to all of our partners and supporters across all of the Homeless World Cup journey. The first tournament in four years was a special one and we can’t wait for the next.

To Burness Paull, The Malcolm Group and Rhino Express, we are extremely grateful for your support. We extend our well wishes to the Scottish Football Association, JD Sports and to Slanj for their kind support over the last few months too.

This isn’t the end of the journey, its just the start.

To find out more about Team Scotland and the Homeless World Cup, please check out more online.

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