Time To Talk Day

Time to Talk Day is today, Thursday 2 February 2023, and offers a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives.

Street Soccer Scotland remain committed to supporting the mental health of all of our players, staff, volunteers and partners. Through various programmes and activities, we believe that by connecting with others, life becomes easier and we can support one another on a journey for positive change.

Run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, in partnership with the Co-op, Time To Talk day is all about bringing people and communities together to talk about mental health.

Our programmes continue to offer the opportunity for players to be more open about their mental health and the challenges that they may face. In Glasgow, our dedicated Mental Health Worker Michael Woods, has developed two mental health and wellbeing sessions at Powerleague Glasgow to allow players and partners to come together and learn more about the tools available to help them progress on their mental health journey.

Every Monday from 11-12:30, Michael’s mental health and wellbeing session takes place on the pitch in Glasgow, with a relaxed game of football as well as various other activities allowing participants to engage in sport at their own pace. This is followed by refreshments and an opportunity to chat indoors. This session is complimented by group work every Thursday from 11am, where players can work together to create a better understanding of what works for them on their mental health journey.

Graham, who has been with Street Soccer for eighteen months, spoke of the impact that these sessions are having on improving his mental health, “I’ve had life-changing experiences with Street Soccer and it helps me feel part of something bigger. I think having the opportunity to go and speak about my emotions before I go out and play football, it helps me massively. I’ve had a lot of issues in the past with my anger but I think once you start to talk about it and share with others, it starts making your journey a lot easier.”

All sessions at Street Soccer remain totally free of cost and are free to join at any point. Michael is also working towards a diploma in counselling and is available for one-to-one support throughout the week for all players.

In Edinburgh, our mental health worker Sean Humphrey’s is available across the city for accessible one-to-one support, in addition to dedicated mental health and wellbeing sessions at Powerleague Portobello.

“Every Thursday from 10am-1pm, we have started to run a group to allow our local players a safe space to talk about their mental health. It’s important that those who engage with our programmes know that they do have a support network and are never alone. This group offers the chance for players to learn some self-care skills, too” said Sean.

This Time to Talk Day, we’re encouraging everyone to make space in their day for a conversation about mental health. Talking has the power to change and save lives.

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