Our volunteers are the heartbeat of everything we do at Street Soccer.


Our volunteer programme allows Street Soccer players to take their next step in their positive change journeys.

We currently have over 150 volunteers across Scotland, who have contributed around 15,000 hours to date. Our volunteer army are crucial to everything we do and are important figures both on and off the pitch.

Our hopes for every player that engages with us is that they can develop core skills which enable them to find a positive destination, and more often than not, volunteering roles are part of that pathway.

Several of our full time and sessional staff have been volunteers with us in the past and we are incredibly proud to have empowered them on their journey.

Our volunteers are important to our core football programmes and provide significant support to players across the country. With roles available in areas all over Scotland, get in touch to see how you can be part of the Street Soccer team.


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