We Are Back

Government Update: 

As a result of the latest announcement by the Scottish Government regarding the opportunity to have organised outdoor exercise groups (up to 15 persons) beginning 12th March, we have created a plan that will enable us to restart NON-CONTACT Street Soccer sessions to allow our players the chance to engage with our programmes and staff to combat the negative impacts of lockdown and the isolation it brings.

Why it’s needed:

Street Soccer sessions aim to provide purpose, structure, a reason to get up in the morning and the opportunity to socialise and build relationships. The sessions also allow access to relevant support services where required as well as provide opportunity for growth and personal development.

The benefit of physical activity on health and well-being is clear, as is the importance of being around people and having structure. The impact of COVID19 restrictions has a negative effect on many of players and team, often struggling to cope.

Our Game Plan:

All staff will adapt to practices and protocols to meet the guidelines, and ensure the safety of players, staff and the wider community.

Safety Protocols:

We provide our coaches with temperature guns and sanitizer for them and our players, we also recommended face coverings when travelling to and from sessions.


Despite being allowed to work with up to 15 players, in the first 2 weeks we are limiting the numbers (when possible, we won’t leave anyone behind!) at any session to 8 players and 2 coaches. Players will be invited to attend allocated sessions, and we will increase the number of sessions to meet demand.

Rules: We created a new set of guidelines for the player invited to the session, this will be sent to them along with their invitation

Facilities: In order to limit players travelling we are planning sessions in parks/facilities local to the players. We chose parks/facilities as an open space with limited surfaces to touch.

Monitoring: We have WhatsApp groups for each session, so that if a player became unwell or experiences symptoms, they can advise the coach and others in the group in order that they can suspend future sessions and isolate.

Session plans: Each session will be organised to include social distanced drills and skills, there will be no contact games.

As we are still progressing out of lockdown we will continuously review every aspect of our programmes to ensure that we meet the Government guidelines and adhere to the physical distancing that has been implemented, with a safety first approach being taken at all times.

Upcoming sessions and how to join:

We will have a variety of sessions across all of our delivery areas. To join or find out more information contact one of our local team members:


Ross Alexander, Call/Text: 07480 970790 Email: [email protected]


Robbie Wood, Call/Text: 07480 979919 Email: [email protected]


Kyle Fraser, Call/Text: 07534 297341 Email: [email protected]


Peter Wood, Call/Text: 07487 603708 Email: [email protected]

STREET45 (Women’s Programme)

Hazel Gee, Call/Text: 07403 482387 Email: [email protected]

For information on safety protocols, contact Andy Hook, Head of Programmes, 07734 531625

Email: [email protected]

For all other enquiries, email [email protected]

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