Become a business sponsor

Street Soccer Scotland strongly believe in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts and has a strong history of working across the corporate sector.

We work closely with multinational corporations, national companies and small to medium sized businesses all across Scotland.

We identify, design and implement partnerships which leverage the strengths of the both organisations to create better outcomes for our players. In turn, Street Soccer Scotland supports companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to people and communities and provide support to achieve their CSR and business objectives. Opportunities include efforts driven by long-term, integrated and multi-faceted partnerships which include both traditional and innovative approaches, such as:

  • Strategic philanthropy through cash & in-kind contributions
  • Employee-giving programmes
  • Events & sponsorship
  • innovation & programme solutions for our players
  • Promoting corporate responsibility training & capacity building
  • Volunteering
  • Brand awareness
  • Opportunities policy & advocacy for a range of issues including homelessness and mental health

Street Soccer Scotland are pleased that its partners continue to make sound long-term investments in Scotland despite the recent economic downturn, through strengthened support towards our participant priorities – purpose, relationships and security. By working together we can create greater social impact on our players and communities whilst adding value to your business and people.