Personal Development

Street Soccer Scotland work in partnership with many great organisations including Edinburgh Napier University and Celtic FC Foundation delivering educational training courses helping provide opportunities’ for our players off the park.

In order to create more opportunities for our players, Street Soccer Scotland has delivered various types of courses to hundreds of players including skills development and education, first aid, coaching and nutrition. Education has previously been a barrier for many of our players. Since attending our courses, many of the participants have gone on to gain not only confidence and improved communication skills but also college places, full time employment and other volunteering opportunities.

Recently the “Football Works” course we offer has been redesigned to ensure that it is relevant for our players and for employers. Through our tremendous partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, Street Soccer Scotland will now deliver the “Street Soccer Coaches Award” allowing more players to gain recognised qualifications such as SCQF’s, as they continue their journey with us to a more positive destination in their lives.